The United States of America: where animal abuse is legal and uncovering it is not.

Whenever people tell me that things “aren’t really that bad” in animal agriculture or that these things aren’t really happening, I point to Ag-Gag laws. If these things aren’t happening and if it isn’t that bad then why are they trying to make it illegal for people to show others what is happening?


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Superheroes - Past/Present

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Doodle Time by Sarah Anderson [tumblr | twitter | facebook]

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Doodle Time by Sarah Anderson [tumblr | twitter | facebook]

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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WEW Justin Roiland’s Birthday …  

Ohh snaap @neildegrassetyson on the cover of that @mental_floss all lookin good n sheeeeit #shooogurl #neildegrassetyson #cosmos

Ohh snaap @neildegrassetyson on the cover of that @mental_floss all lookin good n sheeeeit #shooogurl #neildegrassetyson #cosmos


(via Toronto, Ontario: “Big Locks” Photographer David Hawe Captures Fuzzy Men in Larger Than Life Hair)
Maaaan oh man I cannot wait for tomorrow!!!!! #teamNYE #ripkenham #creationismisajoke

Maaaan oh man I cannot wait for tomorrow!!!!! #teamNYE #ripkenham #creationismisajoke


Just met my first “Young Earth Creationist” today! Until now I had only ever seen them in videos on youtube or read about them in blogs thinking to myself “these people cant be real, there is no effing way!!” but WOW I am genuinely amazed at how painfully ignorant these people are, are they somehow all in on some tragically unfunny joke? what could be the reasoning behind it other than absolute stupidity. I mean to knowingly disregard scientific facts and literal MOUNTAINS of evidence, for evidence free “Truths” from a book of STORIES(not science) in which has ultimately become outdated, WTF

Apparently 46% of americans share this horrible mindset as of 2012 and I doubt much has changed by now sadly 

46%!!!! Thats insane!! It kills me inside to think that that large a percent of americans could be total morons. THE EARTH IS NOT 6,000 YEARS OLD!! THIS IS A FACT why abuse yourself with such nonsense, USE YOUR DAMN BRAIN PEOPLE  

Trust - Rescue, Mister
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First single from new album Joyland.

Joyland will be published on 4th March.



Welcome to my future summer cottage

More reference for the future Elder Goth Haunted Mansion retirement community, yes. 







From the Illustration side we’ve got Marisa Firebaugh, Cornelia Booysen, John Lynch, and myself. 
And from the Game Department, Steve Lima, Maximillian Guglielmelli, Jerad Daugherty, and Jaryd Hutchins are the brilliant minds who scripted all the code to get the game running.

So now, I present to you DOG SAVE THE QUEEN!

The Queen of England has been kidnapped by aliens! Help this loyal corgi, Sir Woofs-a-lot III, save Her Royal Majesty. Run, jump and bark your way through the boroughs of London and the wilds of the English countryside in this side-scrolling adventure. Battle alien brain slugs to restore order within the kingdom and “Dog Save the Queen”. Available for free download on Google Play

So now you can go ahead and play!! If you’ve got access to Google Play and an Android device with a touch screen, then you can play for FREE as an adorable royal corgi to fight aliens, save the Buckingham Palace Guards from brain slugs and rescue the Queen of England!!

You can find the game and download it here

And guess what! There’s so much more!!! We’ve even got t-shirts!! If you have a mighty need for corgis in your life (lets be real, who doesn’t??) Then go ahead and show us some love! We plan to continue working on the game, and all proceeds from our society6 shop goes towards helping make it happen!

Corgi t-shirts. You know you love this, don't even question how much you love it. Just embrace the corgi <3

Basically I’ve just got an overwhelming amount of good news for you people. I know, you love me a whole lot, I’ve accepted it. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!

Team Corgi worked alongside two other awesome teams within our class who made some incredible games to play as well! I’ve play tested them and I can honestly say that they’re addicting and I love them so much <3 So while you’re downloading Dog Save the Queen for free, go ahead and download Zoo-F-O and Egg Defenders as well!

Zoo-F-O Egg Defender


Thank you SO much for all the support! This is only the beginning, and I’m so looking forward to continuing with this game! The links below will take you to Dog Save the Queen, my friend’s games, and our t-shirts and all that goodness C:

Thanks again, and remember- Keep calm and corgi on!

Dog Save the Queen on Google Play- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.academyart.dstq

Dog Save the Queen/ corgi goodness merchandise-http://society6.com/sirwoofsalot/Keep-Calm-and-Corgi-On-fj8_T-shirt#11=50&4=76

Zoo-F-O on Google Play- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.academyart.zoofo

Egg Defender on Google Play- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.academyart.eggdefender